Recurring Email

is a privacy-centric service which allows you to send automatic recurring emails and reminders. It's very simple to use and works with any email service!
available for:
1 month
$ 5 /mo
Billed every month. Additional taxes may apply depending on your country
Save 41%
12 months
$ 2.92 /mo
Billed $35 annually. Additional taxes may apply depending on your country
Save 22%
6 months
$ 3.33 /mo
Billed $20 every 6 months. Additional taxes may apply depending on your country
Contact usopen_in_new directly for enterprise and teams pricing.

All paid plans include

  • maximum scheduled repeats * For maximum flexibility
  • 50 maximum active emails * So you can build your library
  • 100 recipients per email * So you can set up your email the way you need to; This is SMTP's limit
  • 5 manual sends per email * So you can quickly send that extra reminder
  • sending receipts * For your peace of mind
  • fast support * To get the help you need
  • mobile support * Works on all mobile devices
  • 1 identity * Basic routing

Additionally, the Premium plans include

  • maximum active emails * More library options
  • manual sends per email * Even more sending flexibility
  • skip the next scheduled sending * Fully customizable schedule
  • email tracking * See when your recipients open your emails, and from where
  • superfast priority support * Because your time matters
  • 3 identities * To route your email via the email address of your choosing

Compare plans

  Free PRO Premium
Max. Scheduled repeats per email 3
Max. Active emails 5 50
Max. Recipients per email 3 * 100 * 100
Max. Manual sends per email 0 5
Skip the next email sending No No Yes
Email cloning No Yes Yes
Edit your emails Yes Yes Yes
Sending receipts No Yes Yes
Email tracking No No Yes
Support Response Time Slow Normal Priority
Recipient sets fiber_new Yes Yes Yes
Mobile fiber_new Yes Yes Yes
Identities fiber_new 1 1 3
* Usual SMTP recipient limit per email, provider limit will vary

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