Recurring Email

is a privacy-centric service which allows you to send automatic recurring emails and reminders. It's very simple to use and works with any email service!
available for:

Complete Schedule

Send your emails one time by setting a later date, or many times by setting a fully customizable recurring schedule.

Set the time of day, which days to send on or the number of times to send, all for a convenient schedule.

Automated emails: 1M+ and counting!


Recurring Email's service works with all email providers which allow access via their SMTP servers. That's right, all of them!

Look for the vendor-specific SMTP settings, create a new identity and set your recurring email or reminder to send via the newly-added identity.

Please take a minute to read our Privacy Policy.

Mobile & Gmail

Does Recurring Email work on mobiles? Yes!

Use it on any mobile device, phone or tablet, right from within your favorite browser. Looking for Recurring emails for Gmail? Our sister service works on Gmail with added benefits like Workspace support, Contacts importing and more!

Is it free?

Recurring Email is free for personal, casual use. Check out the paid plans if you're a company or you simply need to get more out of it.

  Free PRO Premium
Max. Scheduled repeats per email 3
Max. Active emails 5 50
Max. Recipients per email 3 * 100 * 100
Max. Manual sends per email 0 5
Skip the next email sending No No Yes
Email cloning No Yes Yes
Edit your emails Yes Yes Yes
Sending receipts No Yes Yes
Email tracking No No Yes
Support Response Time Slow Normal Priority
Recipient sets fiber_new Yes Yes Yes
Mobile fiber_new Yes Yes Yes
Identities fiber_new 1 1 3
* Usual SMTP recipient limit per email, provider limit will vary Pricing


Recurring Email is also available as a free browser extension that you can install from the Browser Web Stores below.

It allows you to view and manage your recurring emails with ease whenever your browser is open, by clicking the extension icon Extension icon