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is a privacy-centric service which allows you to send automatic recurring emails and reminders. It's very simple to use and works with any email service!
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Welcome to Recurring Email! We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers. If you still can't find an answer to your question contact us here. Our response time varies with each subscription type but is usually less than 24 hours.

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  • How do I get started? expand_less

    Install the extension from the Chrome Store, then:
    • Log in using the button above Login button
    • Create a new identity to route your email via the desired email address
    • Use the interface in My Emails to create a new repeating email or reminder
  • How do I set the recurrency? expand_more

    Recurring emails can be achieved on the My Emails page: click New Email and at the bottom of the email page in the Schedule section you can find the email's Recurring options.
  • How does it work? expand_more

    The service allows you to write your email and then choose how frequently you want to send it. The emails are sent via your chosen account by creating an identity and providing all the necessary connection information. The service is fully automated and the emails you schedule are being sent from our servers. You don't need to keep your computer on, the emails will just send regardless of what you're currently doing.
  • What are the "identities"? expand_more

    Identities are SMTP server connections which allow the service to send email on your behalf. Most email providers allow access to their SMTP servers which makes work with all providers. You can think of the identities as ways to route your emails, effectively adding different "email accounts" to your RecurringEmail account. See below how to connect.
  • Does it work on mobile? expand_more

    Yes! On all phone/tablets using your favorite browser.
  • Does it work on Gmail? expand_more

    No, but our sister service Recurring emails for Gmail does, and it provides a superior experience on Gmail, including the ability to create emails directly from Gmail, addon in the mobile Gmail app, Gmail contacts importing and more.
  • How does email tracking work? expand_more

    Email tracking notifies you when any email you sent has been opened by one of your recipients. It accomplished this by inserting a small (1x1) invisible image into the email. If that image is downloaded by your recipient, then an email open event is logged. Each of those events is then associated with the corresponding sending of your email. You can view those events by clicking the Logs icon Logs icon in My Emails.
    There are cases, however, when false positives or false negatives happen, and thus email tracking will always be somewhat unreliable. Here's some examples:
    False positives happen when open events are being sent when the email hasn't actually been opened:
    • The email is displayed in the email client's preview pane only because it's the then most recent email. This can cause the tracking pixel to be downloaded even if the recipient hasn't actually read the email.
    • The email is sent to a Gmail address, which proxies every image in an email, including the tracking pixel. The pixel is also visited as a test by Google, triggering the open event without the recipient even opening the email.
    • The email is displayed on a mobile phone's drawer by the Gmail app. This can trigger an email open event without the user seeing more than just the subject and first few lines. And sometimes they might not even look at the notification at all.
    False negatives happen when a recipient reads your email without triggering the tracking pixel. Is the below image familiar?
    Images not displayed
    If you've ever seen this image and there was a tracking pixel in the email you were reading at the time, it did not get downloaded. So you can read an entire email without ever triggering the open event. And some email clients even block images as their default setting.
  • How do I see who opened my email? expand_more

    Go to My Emails and click on the email's Logs icon Logs icon then in the Tracking column click the number of opens, if available.
    You should now see a screen detailing all email opens, including the Country and Region.
  • What are the email receipts? expand_more

    Email receipts are notifications you receive in your inbox from the service when one of your scheduled emails had been sent. Activating receipts requires a paid subscription.
  • Can I schedule an email as another address? expand_more

    Yes. Edit the email, change the associated identity, then save the email. The next time it will send it will use the new email address.
  • How do I edit an email or its schedule? expand_more

    Edit your emails from My Emails. Click the pencil icon, edit the email then hit "Save" at the bottom of the interface.
  • What does the clone tool do? expand_more

    The clone tools copies your email entirely, together with its recurring options, but does not schedule it. The new email is created as a draft and the only required action to schedule it is to click on "Save". Cloning an email is done from My Emails.
  • How does manual seding work? expand_more

    Manual sending an email sends your email instantly, as a complementary action to the email's regular schedule. It does not interfere with the email's established scheduling. For spamming reasons manual sends are time-limited on a per-email and per-account basis.
  • What are recipient sets? expand_more

    Recipient sets are collections, or groups, of recipients. The recipients are automatically collected with every email sending and you can organize them into groups from the Recipient Sets page. You can, for example, create a set of recipients for the marketing team, or for a certain tier of clients.
    Then, a set can be used directly in an email with a single click while creating the email.
  • What's this about privacy? expand_more

    We've gone to great lengths to create this service in a way that doesn't allow us to read your emails. You'll notice that when you add an identity, only the SMTP connection info is requested. This allows the service to ONLY send the emails you schedule and doesn't allow reading of anything in your email account. We can't read your data, we can't sell it, trade it or anything else that violates your right to privacy. Read more here.
  • How can I access the extension? expand_more

    Click the blue envelope icon Extension icon top right next to the address bar to open the extension popup which allows you to manage your emails. You can also manage them from the My Emails page.
  • I can't see the extension icon expand_more

    Sometimes the extensions can be found in the browser Extensions menu. Click the grey puzzle icon extension top right next to the address bar to open the extension menu, find the Recurring Emails for Gmail icon Logo then click the pin button. If you still can't find the extension icon then you don't have it installed or enabled. See the below answer.
  • I can't see the extension anywhere expand_more

    First check that you have it installed. Click the grey puzzle icon extension top right next to the address bar to open the extension menu then click on Manage Extensions.
    • You can't see it in the list, install it from the Chrome Store
    • You see it in the list, then make sure it's enabled by turning the toggle on Toggle icon
  • I'm on a paid plan, but my extension shows FREE? expand_more

    After moving to a paid plan you should receive a confirmation email within minutes. You can also find your subscription type in My Account. If more than 10 minutes pass and you have yet to receive the confirmation email, and both the extension and My Account still show the FREE plan, contact us here.
  • Where can I find my invoices? expand_more

    All invoices can be found in My Account.
  • Which subscriptions can I choose from? expand_more

    Examine all available subscriptions on the Pricing page. We offer a free plan and two paid subscription types: PRO and Premium. You can choose between the two by selecting a subscription length between 1 month and 12 months and checking/unchecking "Premium" to activate the Premium plan.
  • How do I connect to SMTP? expand_more

    The connection varies from provider to provider, so you will have to find out the exact connection information from your provider. This is public information and easily available. For example, a simple Google search for "outlook smtp settings" will quickly get you a Microsoft support article with the SMTP server address of and TLS encryption on port 587.
    Our service works with all email providers' SMTP servers, but if you have trouble finding the correct settings, drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll return the correct settings for your provider.
    We've also compiled a list of predefined connections available in the New Identity screen. You can also find these SMTP settings for the most common providers at:
    • If available, always pick TLS (usually port 587) encryption over SSL (usually port 465) as it's considered more secure.
    • If your email account has 2FA enabled, the only way to connect to your SMTP server to generate an app password.
    • If your provider has the option to generate an app password, use that instead of your account password.
    • You may receive a location notification from your provider when the app first connects. Our servers are located in Germany.
  • Unable to connect to the SMTP server expand_more

    This indicates an invalid SMTP server address. Don't user any http:// or https:// protocols. Check your provider connection instructions.
  • Unable to authenticate to SMTP expand_more

    This indicates an invalid SMTP server username or password. You may need to use an app password, especially if you have 2FA enabled. Check your provider connection instructions.
  • Unable to send the confirmation email expand_more

    This indicates an invalid SMTP connection. Please contact us directly and paste the logs you see on the screen, in the email.
  • Why is the recipient limit capped at 100? expand_more

    Every SMTP server enforces its own limit, but is generally capped at 100 per email. Because of this, your emails may fail the initial sending when sending an email which puts the recipients over the limit and you will need to lower the recipient count incrementally until you find the correct limit. To, CC and BCC recipients all count towards the limit.
    You can bypass this issue by cloning your email with the help of the clone tool to split the recipients into identical emails.
  • How can I cancel my subscription? expand_more

    Your subscription can be cancelled at any time in My Account or in your PayPal account. You will not be charged again if you cancel and your paid subscription will continue to run until it expires.
  • Can I switch to a different subscription? expand_more

    Yes, you upgrade or downgrade subscriptions from the Pricing page. Changing subscriptions while a paid subscription is active will extend your subscription time by the new subscription's length of time. Downgrading your subscription will cancel your emails at the time of their sending and you will need to save them again to reschedule them.
  • Can a recurring email be cancelled? expand_more

    Yes, it can be cancelled from the extension popup Extension icon or the My Emails page. Its schedule will be deleted, but the email will still be present in your library.
  • How can I delete an email? expand_more

    From the extension popup Extension icon or the My Emails page. Deleting an email will:
    • permanently delete it together with its attachments
    • delete its schedule - it will not be sent again
    • make it unrecoverable
  • Do you offer discounts? expand_more

    Yes, we offer volume discounts for 10 or more users. Note that the discounts need to be manually applied by our support team and are not available directly through the website. Ask us for a quote at [email protected]
  • Can I migrate my subscription to another email address? expand_more

    Yes, get in touch with us at [email protected] and our support team will migrate your subscription.
  • Why did I get an email saying "Recurring email failure notice"? expand_more

    This happens most likely because Recurring Email is no longer authorized to send emails on your behalf. This can happen for several reasons and one of the most common causes is changing your account password or app password or a temporary network failure. Edit your identity and supply the new credentials or contact us so we can look into the issue.

    Your email is not lost and cancelled emails can be enabled by editing and saving them in My Emails.

  • Do you offer plans for teams? expand_more

    Yes, we offer plans for teams and volume discounts for 10 or more users. Ask us for a quote at [email protected]
  • Does Recurring Email need access to my email account? expand_more

    Absolutely NOT. The only permission the app requires is to Send mail on your behalf via SMTP. This permission allows the service to ONLY send the emails you schedule and doesn't allow reading of anything in your email account. We've gone to great lengths to create this service in a way that doesn't allow us to read your emails. We can't read your data, we can't sell it, trade it or anything else that violates your right to privacy. Read more here.
  • Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions expand_more

  • Will you sell my data? expand_more

    No. Never have and never will.
  • I'm still having trouble and none of these answers help. What do I do? expand_more

    If you're still having trouble and this FAQ doesn't help, please email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP.

All paid plans include

  • maximum scheduled repeats * For maximum flexibility
  • 50 maximum active emails * So you can build your library
  • 100 recipients per email * So you can set up your email the way you need to; This is SMTP's limit
  • 5 manual sends per email * So you can quickly send that extra reminder
  • sending receipts * For your peace of mind
  • fast support * To get the help you need
  • mobile support * Works on all mobile devices
  • 1 identity * Basic routing

Additionally, the Premium plans include

  • maximum active emails * More library options
  • manual sends per email * Even more sending flexibility
  • skip the next scheduled sending * Fully customizable schedule
  • email tracking * See when your recipients open your emails, and from where
  • superfast priority support * Because your time matters
  • 3 identities * To route your email via the email address of your choosing

Compare plans

  Free PRO Premium
Max. Scheduled repeats per email 3
Max. Active emails 5 50
Max. Recipients per email 3 * 100 * 100
Max. Manual sends per email 0 5
Skip the next email sending No No Yes
Email cloning No Yes Yes
Edit your emails Yes Yes Yes
Sending receipts No Yes Yes
Email tracking No No Yes
Support Response Time Slow Normal Priority
Recipient sets fiber_new Yes Yes Yes
Mobile fiber_new Yes Yes Yes
Identities fiber_new 1 1 3
* Usual SMTP recipient limit per email, provider limit will vary

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